Medical education is defined as improved patient care.


ANNOUNCING: IMPAA Integrative Medicine & Practice Building Training

Reclaim your career, provide improved care, earn more and say good-bye to insurance hassles

I became a Physician Assistant to help people. I assume you did as well. As medical providers, we share a compassion for our fellow human beings.

How compassionate, ethical and competent can we be when…

  • we spend more time on the computer, coding and billing than with our patient

  • we are forced to say good-bye to a patient of many years because we're not on a "preferred provider" list

  • we wait for insurance approval before a needed procedure, medication or therapy can be provided

  • we adhere to absurd profit driven patient load quotas cheating our patients of the necessary time to provide the highest quality of care

It's Not Normal

I've witness healthcare in the U.S. plunge from the envy of the world to being ranked dead last of all developed nations. The reason is obvious to patients and providers alike. Healthcare is no longer healthcare — IT'S BIG BUSINESS.

U.S. healthcare has become an immoral, profit driven system benefiting…

  • health insurance companies

  • big pharma

  • the device industry

  • hospitals

  • large medical corporations

  • legal and government

It's not normal to put profits before people.

Don't take my word for it. Here's what Wendall Potter, former Director of Communications of CIGNA, says…

 "At the executive level, what's most important is meeting Wall Street's expectations. You almost forget that what you're doing is providing healthcare."

Not enough? Read what the Escape Fire website said…

"Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, hospitals and insurance companies are all profiting on our declining health. And all those companies spend their money lavishly — millions of dollars go to Washington lobbyists to ensure that nothing ever changes. To get our moral compass back on track, we need to remember that healthcare is about more than just the bottom line, it's about making individual Americans and the country healthier."

Consequence of Insanity

If that's not enough, consider these facts…

  • Turing Pharmaceuticals increased the cost of the drug Daraprim from $13.50 per pill to $750 per pill. While Express Scripts offers the drug for $1 per pill.

  • #10 generic Zomig cost $411 at Safeway, $384 at Walmart, but only $79 at Costco. A difference of $8 per pill versus $41 per pill.

Patients are sick. Dependent on drugs. 100,000 annual adverse drug reaction deaths. Medical providers leaving the field in record numbers. Worse, our patients are disgusted with a ten minute office appointment, a bill and prescription.

If you are a practicing PA you know everything I'm saying is true. Patient care is being compromised for the purpose of profits. If you agree, I urge you to keep reading. There is a solution. It's real, it works and it's available now!

The Integrative Medicine Solution Training

The purpose of IMPAA's training is simple. Introduce and instruct PAs, physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care providers, in the foundational principles of integrative medicine and how to incorporate those principles into their daily practice.

  • Provide the best possible care at the lowest possible cost.

  • Dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, dependence on insurance reimbursement.

  • Offer essential nutrition counseling and products that encourage the body's natural healing abilities.

  • Spend necessary time with each patient to accurately diagnosis conditions and lifestyle counseling with the goal of curing, not medication management.

  • Operate a virtually paperless practice by reducing the need for coding.

  • How to open and operate your own medical corporation and practice.

  • See 8 to 10 patients per day, max.

  • Dramatically reduce the possibility of litigation by employing "safe medicine" as opposed to inferior defensive medical practices.

  • How to find a wide array of off-site supervising physicians.

  • Employ the highest standards of ethical medical practices.

  • Lower patient cost with paid in advance patient care programs.

  • Reduce the need and expense of specialization by training patients in personal healthcare maintenance.

  • Employ the Integrative Medicine 3 Phase Program to restore and maintain personal optimum health.

Besides the obvious benefits integrative medicine offers, like improved patient care, less invasive treatments, better environmental awareness, reduced paper, computer and coding work — the income possibilities are varied, numerous and may exceed the average PA salary several times over.

We can dramatically improve care and still earn what we're worth. The integrative medicine PA owned practice makes it not just possible, but a reality being practiced nationwide daily.

Integrative medicine has progressed from infancy to the next state of maturity — acceptance by the public, media and virtually all aspects of the medical profession. Integrative medicine has become a movement, a revolution in ethical, quality medical care.

IMPAA is searching for leaders and advocates to change and improve healthcare. We need well trained medical providers to initiate integrative medicine in their practice. We need practitioners to recruit and train other health care providers in the science of integrative medicine.

IMPAA wants dedicated members who expand the IM philosophy nationwide. State by state. An aggressive campaign to educate the public, media and medical profession about the realities of today's poor healthcare compared to a patient centered, treat the cause, not the symptom, IM approach.

As medical providers we suffer the consequences of our current healthcare system daily. It's time to be responsible, accountable and stop exposing our trusting patients to the inadequacies of the current system.

It's No Secret

It's no secret that medical provider income has not kept pace with the increased time, responsibilities and patient load imposed on us by the current disease management system. Medical provider income and salaries are being diverted to inflated hospital, medication, device and insurance premium costs.

The result is more Americans file bankruptcy because of medical bills than all business bankruptcies combined.

Now you can get paid what you're worth, practicing a medical philosophy that is proven effective and recommended by the most respected experts in the medical field.

The IMPAA Training Is…

  • Two and a half days of intensive integrative medicine principles, protocols and therapy alternatives.

  • Why medical experts agree IM goes beyond mere wellness.

  • Identify and treat root cause of problem instead of managing symptoms with medication.

  • How to rely on the body's natural healing ability and identify and neutralize barriers that interfere or prevent natural healing.

  • Learn how to educate and influence your patient to accept responsibility for the maintenance of optimum health.

  • Real-time examples of integrative medicine's superior treatment approach for high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, hypertension.

  • Facts, data, research, studies, verifying IM alternative treatments for stress related symptoms, obesity and fatigue are significantly more effective than a prescription management plan.

  • Discover the detoxification difference. CDC statistics proving every American would benefit from this life changing treatment. Toxins we are exposed to, their sources, how they affect health, deteriorate immune system. How to effectively remove toxins and heavy metals from the body. The importance of detoxification for sustainable optimum health is mandatory.

  • Restore blood flow for optimal health to combat premature aging. Learn the many health benefits of nitric oxide. What it is. It's effect on the body, the domino effect of nitric oxide deficiency. How to measure and how to improve.

  • Pulse wave testing for every participant. What it is, Cafe study, what it tells us and how it is used in integrative medicine.

  • All disease begins in the gut is no myth. Digestive support training reveals the role of stomach acid in health, consequences of low levels of stomach acids, how to measure and increase stomach PH. Plus the newest, most reliable and accurate research on the gut-brain connection. It's all here. Effects of gluten, leaky gut syndrome, gall bladder health and more. How to treat and succeed.

  • How to determine deficiencies of a patient using blood work and urine test, OligoScan and questionnaires. More about this in a moment.

  • Use the four categories of removing barriers to optimum health. 1) Lifestyle and diet, 2) physical or psychological origins, 3) environmental exposure, 4) medically induced exposure. Once identified they can be treated with a wide variety of integrative medicine approach.

  • Type 2 hypothyroidism is a silent epidemic with severe consequences. You learn how to recognize, diagnose, and how and when to treat.

  • How to track HGH decline (somatopause) and its vital importance. Plus how to test and treat effectively.

  • And so much more, like how to restore sex hormones, adrenal functions and hormonal support for pituitary HPA axis "top down" approach.

Putting It All Together

IMPAA training is not one endless lecture after another. This training is different from any other conference you have attended. You will learn how to approach patient care in completely different ways to get to the root cause of problems. At the end of the training, not only will you understand why our healthcare system is broken, why we and our patients are so sick and frustrated with this system, but how we all have the power together to make a positive difference in transitioning into integrative medicine.

You will receive the 8 Provider Steps of an Integrative Medicine Practice. At the end of the first day you have a chance to talk to my patients in the Patient Panel. You hear directly from them how integrative medicine has positively changed their lives compared to how they were treated in the broken disease care system. I share how my integrative medicine approach with their problems is different from the symptom focused system.

To help you see the big picture, I will be reviewing a patient flow chart of sample patients from an IM practice. More importantly, you get the four integrative medicine steps to optimal, sustainable patient health…

  1. Screening process

  2. Testing and evaluation

  3. Detoxification and restoration

  4. Maintenance and fine tuning

Let Me Prove It

The first step in your transition into integrative medicine is healing yourself. That’s why I have included and offer all attendees at the training two of the most revealing and important tests you will use with your patients – the Oligoscan and pulsewave tests. Both tests are quick, easy, non-invasive and results are printed out on the spot.

You may learn more about your own health from these two tests than any other test you have ordered for patients or have had yourself.

The Oligoscan test measures the presence of 16 cell-bound, heavy metals that shouldn’t be in our bodies along with 21 life nourishing minerals that often are missing. Like many of our patients, you may be surprised to find you too are toxic with elevated levels of aluminum, silver, mercury, cadmium and/or arsenic that is interfering with your health.

The pulsewave test measures how much “endothelial dysfunction” you have…or as I tell my patients how much hardening of the arteries you have! We will also do a quick saliva test to measure your levels of nitric oxide, an important component of cardiovascular health.

The OligoScan and pulsewave tests are a $100 value each. This $200 value is free when you attend IMPAA training.

Here's What Graduates of Integrative Medicine Solution Conference Have to Say About Their Experience

“The Integrative Medicine Conference has re-opened my eyes about natural healing and the importance of restoring the body to “Real Health.” Having started my career as a lay midwife, then becoming a physician assistant and practicing conventional western medicine for 25 years, I’d forgotten much (of the natural medicine). I’ve learned so much and Cathy Ochs, PA-C presented the information clearly and precisely. I am grateful I chose this awakening conference!”
—Donna Wilcox PA-C
Etna, California

“The information presented at this conference is definitely valuable! I have been personally following naturopathy, alternative and integrative medicine meanwhile working in the traditional model. This conference allowed me to sit down and drink in abundant information and give me a great understanding of the field. It was also very motivating!”
—T. S. Sahli
Redding, California

"Thank you Cathy Ochs, PA-C, for an excellent program. This program was so well organized and full of amazing information I can put into practice immediately.”
—Jana Pratt, PA-C
Redding, California

"I am a Physician Assistant practicing in Davis and Sacramento, California. I came to the IMPAA conference because I am a firm believer of patient-centered care and the ability of the body to heal itself. I help my patients remove barriers by detoxing and correcting deficiencies, recommending supplements and encouraging lifestyle and dietary changes. Now I am better educated in this new, emerging field/practice."
—Moonny Lee, PA-C
Davis, California

Discover Real Freedom with Your Own PA Medical Practice

I've owned, operated and profited from my own medical practice for the last three years. I will give you a step-by-step blueprint to duplicate my success.

In addition to earning 14.0 Category I CME, your signed copy of my book The Integrative Medicine Solution, the Oligoscan and pulsewave tests, you will also receive the following:

BONUS #1 — How to open, operate and succeed with your own PA medical corporation. Included in your registration is the PA Practice Start-Up Manual which I will review on day three of the training. This is the only practice start-up manual ever written exclusively for PAs.

I compiled this manual each step along the way when I first opened my PA practice and started seeing patients. It will help you avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls I made and provide an easy to follow check list in successfully opening and operating your own business. I wish I had this manual to refer to when I first started my practice!

The manual and check-list covers:

  • How to create your own PA professional corporation

  • How to obtain a cost-effective practice location

  • The best way to pay your supervising physician

  • Why taking insurance is a fast track to failure when practicing integrative medicine

  • How to structure and successfully run a cash based practice

  • How to find a low-cost merchant account

  • Where to find a FREE electronic health record (yes, there is an excellent free EHR that over 100,000 providers are using right now!)

  • How to project start-up costs and monthly income and expenses

  • Legal responsibilities of having employees

  • How to market and get new patients

Just because this is a medical practice doesn’t mean you can’t fail. Fifty to 80% of new businesses fail within the first five years! This start-up manual is vitally important to your success in practicing Integrative Medicine.

BONUS #2 — Golden Rolodex. You get the names and numbers in my own personal rolodex of experts. Including my accountant who can help you easily form your PA corporation, malpractice broker who has found the lowest cost malpractice insurance since day one, attorney, web site design, marketing and medical experts.

BONUS #3 — Special Pricing. I have arranged special manufacture pricing to each attendee in purchasing your own Oligoscan and pulsewave devices.

BONUS #4 — Founding IMPAA Member. The first 20 registered PAs will be the Founding Members of IMPAA for LIFE (no annual member dues).

BONUS #5 — IMPAA monthly newsletter. Emailed directly to your inbox. Guest authors, practice building strategies, latest treatments and research, income generation, improved care education. I envision our newsletter to eventually become the IMPAA town hall. Offering a platform for every IMPAA member to share their viewpoints on all things about IM including personal experience. One year, 12 issues of focused, valuable IM insider information.

BONUS #6 — Charter membership to IMPAA. Three years, no fee. Discounts on training, products, webinars and an opportunity to recruit other PAs and take a leadership position in our new association.

BONUS #7 — Free one-hour telephone consultation. I know you will have questions after graduating from IMPAA intensive IM training. That's why I devote an entire hour to each PA’s immediate needs after training is complete. I want you to be a success because I sincerely believe the future of American healthcare depends on it.

Improved Care with Improved Career

NEXT TRAINING: Fall / Winter, 2019

Integrative Medicine Solutions Intensive 2½ day training

For advance notification of future training dates, CALL (530) 605-1505

 Independence, Security, Freedom to Provide Quality Care

IMPAA training is a rare opportunity to reclaim your career and own a medical corporation (practice).

I've been a physician assistant for 35+ years. I've witnessed the multitude of benefits IM can provide our patient care as well as our own independence, freedom and financial security. IM offers every PA a full package of benefits traditional care cannot provide. In reality a single IM paid-in-advance patient care program will pay for your tuition many times over. Not a misprint. One IM program. IMPAA training is a colossal bargain by any standard, but I'll let you be the judge.

Limited Seating: 20 attendees max

Because this is a hands on demonstration, participation training as opposed to the common lecture style training, I am limiting attendance to the first 20 PAs, nurse practitioners and physicians who qualify and enroll. So to take advantage of this limited time opportunity, how about this…

Take Action

To insure you are one of the 20 medical providers attending IMPAA training, call me at (530) 605-1505 to enroll. MasterCard, Visa, American Express accepted. I will send a confirmation of your reservation with a letter and more details upon receipt of tuition.

Call Anyway

If you're not sure. Have questions, call anyway. Let's talk about your situation, expectations and goals. If I don't think my training is right for you, I will tell you. I ask only you be sincerely interested in improving patient care by adopting IM in your daily practice.

Call (530) 605-1505, Enroll Today

Remember, if you would feel more comfortable speaking to me before you enroll, give me a call. You have nothing to lose, but a few minutes of time. Call me, Cathy Ochs, at (530) 605-1505 and be prepared to improve your career, income and most importantly, the care we provide our patients.

Sincerely yours,

Cathy Ochs, PA-C

P.S. Every participant will receive an autographed copy of my popular book, The Integrative Medicine Solution. Plus you can take the Pulse Wave test, free. IMPAA training is fun and informative. More importantly, it offers a genuine alternative to the mundane motions of insurance controlled, medication based care.

For advance notice of next training dates, email me at or call (530) 605-1505.

NEXT Training:
Fall / Winter, 2019

For more information call Cathy Ochs, PA-C, (530) 227-8307

September, 2018, graduating attendees of IMPAA Integrative Medicine & Practice Building Training. from left to right: Justin Anzalone, PA-C; Cathy Ochs, PA-c; Reshma Patel, PA-C.

Attendees of Integrative Medicine & Practice Building September, 2018 training. On the left, Justin Anzalone, PA-C and on the far right Reshma Patel, PA-C.

IMPAA Founding members.

IMPAA founding members from left to right: Ayana Gates, PA-C (Edinburg, TX); Jana Pratt, PA-C (Redding, CA); Chantele Sahli, PA-C (Redding, CA); Richard Pruett, DDS (Chico, CA); Cathy Ochs, PA-C (IMPAA Founder, Redding, CA); Donna Wilcox, PA-C (Etna, CA); Moonny Lee, PA-C (Davis, CA); Jo Tillman, MD (not shown, Whitmore, CA).

The Integrative Medicine Solution, by Cathy Ochs, PA-C, founder of IMPAA.
Defines what an integrative medicine PA practice does. A must read for every physician assistant and health care professional committed to exceptional patient care. More info here.


Why Every PA Should Practice Integrative Medicine. The facts about integrative medicine, owning your own practice and more. Provocative, informative and often controversial. More info here.

How California PAs Can Own a Medical Corporation. Blueprint to operate a physician assistant owned medical corporation. Complete instructions A to Z. More info here.

"You have done an excellent job. Your book will help shed light on what patients need to know about the tyrannical nature of our health care system. The truth about health care should stir our country into action to change the status quo, which is causing our citizens great distress and suffering."

Mark Starr, MD, author of Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic and Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, and Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment

"Treating symptoms — that has been my experience with doctors my entire life. Take another pill for every symptom. My questions regarding the origin of symptoms have been shrugged off. Meeting Cathy Ochs was a breath of fresh air. For the first time, I found a practitioner that wanted the patient to be a collaborator in care, a team approach in a journey to wellness. My underlying disease process has gone undiagnosed for my entire life, until now. Ms. Ochs took the time to actually explore my symptoms, find the underlying cause, and TREAT THE CAUSE! I believe her approach should be an example that American medicine embraces and pursues. THANK YOU CATHY!!!"

Jamie Baudizzon, Psychotherapist
Redding, California

"Cathy Ochs has made starting your own integrative medical practice amazingly simple with her step by step guide."

Jana Pratt, PA-C, Women's Integrative Health Specialist

"After many years of doctor visits and getting nowhere, I have finally made some progress with my health issues. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for help."

John W., Equipment Mechanic
Redding, California

"In 'The Integrative Medicine Solution', Cathy Ochs outlines the precise ways that we can achieve ultimate health and wellness with our patients and within our practices. This book is the ultimate health care providers' guide back to sanity from the presently insane health care system. This timely resource restores faith and hope in our practices proposing alternative revenue streams to keep our practices thriving."

Diana Hoppe, MD, FACOG, author of Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You and Creator of the 'Amazing Over 40' Health Coaching Certification Program

"I am 79 years old and this is the best I’ve felt for a number of years. I have much more energy playing golf 2-3 times a week."

Donald Moor, Retired Pilot
Shingletown, CA

"Frankly, this book scared me. Insider information that should be mandatory reading for every medical student at every university."

Barbara Yarnell
Invisible Weight Loss
president, Rose Hill Publishing

"I suffered life-threatening health challenges including heart, thyroid and blood pressure issues. Traditional approaches failed to produce results. I found a common sense alternative with integrative medicine. My results are measurable and sustainable. I would not be here today without the benefits I achieved with integrative medicine."

Catherine Carl, Retired RN
Redding, CA

"When I opened your document first thing this morning and started reading I could not leave my computer. This is an awesome read and a great education piece for all health care providers to read. I think it is a must read."

Nathan Bryan, PhD, author of The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution

"Being a diabetic uncontrolled for the last six years with blood glucose ranges to 405, before meeting Cathy Ochs, I felt afraid for my future. I was prescribed more medications and insulins I personally did not feel were the answer for my health. After three months I only take two medications with reductions of their dosage. My A1C level dropped one point and my blood pressure is controlled. I would recommend her program to anyone, and in fact do daily!"

Brenda White, RDH,BS (registered dental hygienist)
Redding, California

"Cathy Ochs is a very knowledgeable, caring PA-C. My wife and I have enjoyed working with her to restore my health naturally after conventional doctors did nothing more than prescribe drugs. Cathy’s approach, find the root cause and treat that through natural herbs, vitamins and food supplements, which have no side affects! We have recommended her to several of our friends."

Gary Sandahl, Technology Analyst
Weaverville, California

"When introduced to integrative medicine I had allergies, no energy, diverticulosis, gluten intolerance, back pain, overweight, metabolic problems plus a ten year battle wit vertigo. Integrative medicine CURED most problems and almost cured the rest. I stopped taking allergy medication, improved my immune system but the best part is my mental clarity and memory have improved dramatically. Integrative medicine is the solution we have all been waiting for."

Peggy Sutterfield, Retired
Redding, California

"I chose this program to stop taking blood pressure medication and learn a natural way. My blood pressure is better and I am off medication for it. I would recommend the program to others. I have learned so much about the body and what works to help with my health concerns."

Diana Ellison, Retired
Redding, California

"I have known Cathy Ochs for two years. She helped me find a magnesium my body could tolerate. Helping stabilize my thyroid and getting my body back in balance with vitamin, minerals and digestive help."

Sylvia Dixon, Retired
Shasta Lake, California

"Cathy Ochs has presented a unique and insightful perspective on our nation's health care system's shortcomings and oversights. In this book she has presented real life and personal situations in which mistakes and perfunctory decisions were made due to time constraints and medical desires to fit 'cases' (not people) into diagnosis 'boxes' to meet the new franchise-like standards. She offers a new perspective on a more patient friendly, form-fitting health care option for a better team style approach to wellness which can offer a richer health provider/ patient relationship to a healthier life style."

Debra Hartig, RN, FNP