Integrative medicine can dramatically reduce provider reliance on medical insurance.

Medical Insurance Lurks Unseen Beneath the Surface Devouring Quality U.S. Healthcare

Medical insurance dictates the quality of care doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide. From unnecessary, time consuming documentation, excessive coding to denying proper care itself.

Integrative medicine can dramatically reduce reliance on insurance payments, computer work and excessive documentation. Which results in improved patient care.

True & Factual

Any reasonably intelligent experienced physician assistant knows what I'm expressing is true and factual because they experience it themselves daily.

Put patients first. Stop the madness and learn the facts.

The current U.S. healthcare system has failed. Dead last of the 11 leading developed nations. More than 100,000 people perish each year due to ADR (adverse drug reaction).

Stop Feeding Sharks

Stop feeding the sharks. Investigate integrative medicine as the logical alternative to the currently used failed standardized care protocols.

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