7 foundation principles of integrative medicine

For physician assistants, integrative medicine is the logical path to insure quality healthcare, lower cost and improved patient recovery rates.


The 7 Foundational Principles of Integrative Medicine

Have you had a patient not fill his prescription and return for recheck completely well? I have, many times…

It was this often repeated experience that has brought me, and many other healthcare providers, to this obvious conclusion…

Wisdom of The Body To Heal

The human body has the wisdom and ability to heal itself. Our patients and their body's are the healers. It's our role as physician assistants and healthcare providers to partner with patients to determine the possible causes of the problem. What the body needs to heal. Identify and remove barriers that prevent healing.

When we allow our body to function as created, healing and natural health occur. Science cannot explain this common phenomena so they categorize it as an anomaly. UNFORGIVABLE!

Fortunes are spent creating new wonder drugs while pennies are squandered in research of the human body's natural healing capabilities. Why? There is no profit motive in natural healing so research funds go to the drug manufacturer’s new miracle drug that dissolves your illness for the time being but keeps you coming back for refills. 

Is it any wonder our patients are losing confidence in our skills when the only skill we display is writing another prescription?

7 Principles of Integrative Medicine

I urge you to read the seven principles of integrative medicine that physician assistants embrace. These are the foundational principles of integrative medicine that emphasize, encourage and empower the body to heal itself.

The 7 Principles of Foundational Integrative Medicine

  1. Return responsibility of care back to the rightful owner, the patient. 
  2. Healthcare providers are educators and teachers to their patients. 
  3. The patient is the healer with their own natural healing resources already within themselves.
  4. The healthcare provider’s role is to help remove the barriers that interfere with the body’s ability to heal, and provide what the body needs to restore optimal health.
  5. Determine the root cause of the problem, only treating symptoms as long as necessary.
  6. Do no harm.
  7. Be patient and trust the inherent wisdom of the body’s ability to heal.

If you agree with these principles and want to learn more about integrative medicine, I encourage you to call me, Cathy Ochs, with your questions or comments.

For a more comprehensive explanation of integrative medicine click on the Integrative Medicine Solution page.


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