IMPAA founding members.

IMPAA founding members from left to right: Ayana Gates, PA-C (Edinburg, TX); Jana Pratt, PA-C (Redding, CA); Chantele Sahli, PA-C (Redding, CA); Richard Pruett, DDS (Chico, CA); Cathy Ochs, PA-C (IMPAA Founder, Redding, CA); Donna Wilcox, PA-C (Etna, CA); Moonny Lee, PA-C (Davis, CA); Jo Tillman, MD (not shown, Whitmore, CA).

Membership is Belonging

IMPAA invites you to join our quest to return American healthcare to the patient and medical provider

Look into a mirror. Do you see a hero? Someone prepared to make a difference? Dedicated and committed to providing unequaled patient care? Do the better angels of your nature whisper to your heart and mind that drugs, technology and standardized care will never replace the body's innate ability to heal itself?

The source of all progress is change. We cannot escape the responsibilities of tomorrow by ignoring them today. Ages have passed and we suffer from more diverse and self-imposed diseases and ailments than ever before.

Integrative medicine is the ultimate solution to our last-ranked, failed healthcare system because it returns the responsibility of health to the rightful owner — your patient and their chosen provider.

A Better Way

You are invited to join, and be an active participant in, the Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association of California (IMPAA).

As a member you…

  • Have access to comprehensive and useful integrative medicine training and CMEs from leading experts in the field.

  • Use your voice to be heard in shaping how the PA profession transitions into integrative medicine.

  • Gain access to a network of integrative medicine colleagues and researchers.

  • Learn how to manage, operate your own California integrative medicine PA practice. An important step to improved patient care.

  • Be positioned on the ground floor of an innovative PA association committed to public education, national exposure and expansion.

integrative medicine physician assistant association of california, certificate of membership.

First 20 members receive this certificate of membership plus the first two years of membership absolutely free.

2 Years Free Membership

Every new member receives a signed copy of IMPAA's president, Cathy Ochs, popular book, The Integrative Medicine Solution. And a monthly newsletter with topics covering the entire spectrum of integrative medicine.

IMPAA offers five levels of membership.

Charter Member

Be one of the first 20 physician assistants to apply and qualify for IMPAA membership and receive your first two years of membership absolutely free. As a charter member you receive discounts on all trainings and events offered by IMPAA. This category is reserved for California licenseed PAs only.

Fellow Membership

PA only category: $97 annual membership fee. Discounts on all trainings and events offered by IMPAA.


Affiliate Membership

For physicians, nurse practitioners and other professions interested in participating in the advancement of patient centered integrative medicine. Annual membership: $97.


Support Membership

For any person or organization who wishes to keep informed on integrative medicine, its benefits, limitations, new advancements and discoveries. Annual membership: $97


Student Membership

Only $27 per year for any student currently enrolled in a PA or NP curriculum at any accredited school.


Join IMPAA Right Now

Today's failed health care system cannot withstand the assault of persistence.

To revive our perishing disease care system we need a solution that's real, something to touch, something to motivate and inspire.

And that something is the noble purpose of fixing what's broken, righting what's wrong and accepting the fact patients are people first.

Integrative medicine combines the best practices of today with the patient centered medicine of the past. The result is a new hybrid of modern healthcare that cures instead of manages.

If improving patient care is a priority, I urge you to review this web site. Visit the links I've provided. Evaluate the information then follow your conscious and become an IMPAA member today.

Please call me, Cathy Ochs (530) 605-1505, let's see if IMPAA is right for you.

Free Resources…


Why Every PA Should Practice Integrative Medicine

The facts about integrative medicine, owning your own practice and more. Provocative, informative and often controversial. More info here.



How California PAs Can Own a Medical Corporation

Blueprint to operate a physician assistant owned medical corporation. Complete instructions A to Z. More info here.

“Bravo Cathy Ochs, PA-C for being a pioneer in Integrative Medicine for PAs! You are ahead of your time and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you for your vision to teach 1,000 PAs to practice integrative medicine. I have learned so much in your course and will apply the knowledge to heal patients in my own practice.”

—Reshma Patel, PA-C
Los Angeles, California

“The IMS CME course is the most engaging course I have attended since becoming a PA. Not only did it present factual, evidence-based content, but it also inspired me to take my IM career to the next step in order to find root causes of everyday illnesses. I will be forever grateful for the work Cathy Ochs, PA-C has done for PAs in Integrative Medicine.”

—Justin Anzalone, PA-C
Lafayette, Louisiana

“This program is vital and highly valuable to providers (PAs) who want the knowledge, tools, protocols and medical references to enable them to help their patients, loved ones, and themselves achieve a profound and notable transformation in their health…regardless of the specific chronic disease since Integrative Medicine (IM) treats the root cause. As PAs, we can be leaders in curing chronic disease and this program will get you started from an IM approach.”

—Harrier Cagatay PA-C
Internal Medicine / Pain Management
Riverside, California

“The weekend training Cathy provided was exceptional! Cathy welcomed all of our questions and answered everything in great detail. I feel I got a great educational experience and highly recommend this to any PA who is interested in Integrative Medicine. Getting 14.0 hours of CME was icing on the cake! Thank you Cathy for providing this amazing weekend of learning!”

—Kerry Jenkins PA-C
Boca Raton, Florida

"I am a Physician Assistant practicing in Davis and Sacramento, California. I came to the IMPAA conference because I am a firm believer of patient-centered care and the ability of the body to heal itself. I help my patients remove barriers by detoxing and correcting deficiencies, recommending supplements and encouraging lifestyle and dietary changes. Now I am better educated in this new, emerging field/practice."

—Moonny Lee, PA-C
Davis, California

The Integrative Medicine Solution, by Cathy Ochs, PA-C, founder of IMPAA.
Defines what an integrative medicine PA practice does. A must read for every physician assistant and health care professional committed to exceptional patient care. More info here.