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IMPAA Introduction to Integrative Medicine

Free 45 minute Training Webinar
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Foundational Integrative Medicine is the optimum cure for America's corrupt, ineffective, bloated and declining healthcare system. The Commonwealth Fund ranks American healthcare dead last of developed nations.

IMPAA will conduct a free 45 minute webinar proving integrative medicine is the ultimate solution to returning American healthcare to global pacesetter.

Introduction to Integrative Medicine training is a journey back to the future. A special time when American healthcare had no peers. A time when the overwhelming majority of Americans shared confidence, trust and respect for their provider and treatment.

Back to the Future

Integrative medicine is not new. On the contrary, it's the proven medical philosophy practiced 20 years ago. I know, I was there.

So what's the difference between today's pill-for-every-ill, treat-the-symptom approach and yesterday's medicine which identified root cause and treated, contained or eliminated it?

The result is obvious to any healthcare provider. Today we treat people to live with symptoms instead of treating the cause of the symptom. Today we treat disease and ignore the person. What can be accomplished in a ten minute patient appointment? Worse, what does that say about us, our professionalism, competence and CHARACTER?

Can You Handle the Truth?

Participate in IMPAA Introduction to Integrative Medicine training webinar and learn the truth backed by data, stats, case studies, expert opinions and personal experience spanning my 35 year career as a physician assistant.

Your webinar is informative, practical, provocative and controversial. I make predictions based on current trends and reveal how you can adopt and practice integrative medicine in your own medical practice (corporation). Here's just a sample of the content and topics covered in Introduction to Integrative Medicine training webinar…

  • How to improve the health of every patient with integrative medicine

  • How Big Pharma is claiming lives and destroying America's once great healthcare system

  • Who is responsible for the two million adverse drug reactions per year resulting in 100,000 deaths annually?

  • The absolute immoral, indecent, if not criminal, practice of patient load quotas — UNFORGIVABLE

  • The real reason behind unnecessary documentation and coding

  • Why integrative medicine is the ultimate solution to improve the quality of American healthcare

Medical Dog & Pony Show

Big Pharma, insurance industry and the government, have shackled us to a dog and pony show healthcare system. Everyday people suffer the consequence of this declining system. As do our profession and reputation. The damage of this reality is incalculable in dollars, quality care and ultimately human life.

Let's be blunt. Why else are physicians leaving the profession in record numbers? Doctors tell me practicing medicine under the current conditions is intolerable, bordering on negligent incompetence. Their hands are tied by insurance, government and the threat of frivolous lawsuits. So what's the answer?

Integrative Medicine Solution

I don't know about you, but I'm fed up, angry, sick and tired of having the quality of my care dictated by insurance companies, time constraints, and outdated, obsolete standard care protocols. Wham, bam, thank you Ma'am, here's your bill and a pill — is not quality, competent health care.

Here's what an integrative medicine PA practice can achieve. Not fluff, hope or theory. But hard, cold, documented fact.

  • Virtually eliminate the need to accept insurance

  • Dramatically increase time spent with patients by reducing unnecessary, time consuming documentation and coding

  • Practice a proven medical philosophy of accepted science

  • Return responsibility of care back to the rightful owner — your patient

  • Detoxification — missing piece in the "wellness" model

  • Restore blood flow — nitric oxide, the miracle molecule

  • Digestive makeover — all disease begins in the gut

  • Where to find and hire supervising, integrative medicine friendly physicians

  • Reward your patients with your time resulting in an improved patient relationship, more accurate diagnosis and competent effective treatment

  • I detail the seven principles of integrative medicine and report case studies, data, facts, history and a preponderance of evidence that any reasonably intelligent person must conclude integrative medicine is superior to "prescription tablet" medicine and is a real and viable solution to many of today's healthcare failings

Free Webinar

The purpose of the free Introduction to Integrative Medicine webinar is to give you the facts as I have experienced them in my own PA career.

You learn the basics of integrative medicine. Then you can decide if it's right for you and your career.

Make a Difference

I assume you became a PA or doctor because you got the calling. Most I speak to say "helping people," "making a difference," are the primary reasons they endured years of education, training and sacrifice to achieve their goals. Only to discover patient care is not a top priority in the current system.

If this is you. You still want to make a difference. You're unsatisfied in your current situation and searching for a dramatic improvement in your life, hassle-free work and improved patient care, then this webinar is your answer! I urge you to register. Put it on your calendar as a "don't miss" event.

Horse's Mouth

I'm operating my own successful integrative medicine practice. Have done so for many years. I'm doing it now. Real world, real time, real patients, real supervising physicians and dramatically improved patient care and results. Not puffery, but documented fact.

I own my own medical practice. A California medical corporation. I have the freedom to provide my patients with the highest quality care I'm capable of without the crippling obstacles, red tape and barriers the current system imposes on practitioners and patients.


If you are satisfied with the status quo. Go to work, cash your check and believe you're offering the best possible care. Content to silently watch American healthcare plunge into the depths of mediocrity, expedience and profits before people. Then this webinar is NOT FOR YOU. Do not participate. You have been warned.

If you're a difference maker. Committed to quality patient care. Agree the current healthcare system must improve to survive. Willing to make your voice heard to stop medical atrocities like patient load quotas, patient appointment time limitations, treating symptoms and ignoring the root cause, allowing insurance companies to dictate quality and term of care.

Register Now

There is no more valuable way to spend 45 minutes of your time than registering and participating in IMPAA's Introduction to Integrative Medicine webinar.

I will answer every question. Give you solutions, not just explanations. Your patients benefit and so will you.

There is no logical reason not to register. It's free. And the information I provide can make a difference in your life so you can continue to make a difference in your patient's lives.

Free Webinar

IMPAA Introduction to Integrative Medicine
Training Webinar

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The Integrative Medicine Solution, by Cathy Ochs, PA-C, founder of IMPAA.
AVAILABLE at Amazon.com.
Defines what an integrative medicine PA practice does. A must read for every physician assistant and health care professional committed to exceptional patient care. More info here.


Why Every PA Should Practice Integrative Medicine. The facts about integrative medicine, owning your own practice and more. Provocative, informative and often controversial. More info here.

How California PAs Can Own a Medical Corporation. Blueprint to operate a physician assistant owned medical corporation. Complete instructions A to Z. More info here.

"You have done an excellent job. Your book will help shed light on what patients need to know about the tyrannical nature of our health care system. The truth about health care should stir our country into action to change the status quo, which is causing our citizens great distress and suffering."

Mark Starr, MD, author of 'Hypothyroidism Type 2: The Epidemic' and 'Heart Attacks, Heart Failure, and Diabetes: Prevention and Treatment'

"In 'The Integrative Medicine Solution', Cathy Ochs outlines the precise ways that we can achieve ultimate health and wellness with our patients and within our practices. This book is the ultimate health care providers' guide back to sanity from the presently insane health care system. This timely resource restores faith and hope in our practices proposing alternative revenue streams to keep our practices thriving."

Diana Hoppe, MD, FACOG, author of 'Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You' and Creator of the 'Amazing Over 40' Health Coaching Certification Program

"Cathy Ochs has made starting your own integrative medical practice amazingly simple with her step by step guide."

Jana Pratt, PA-C, Women's Integrative Health Specialist

"When I opened your document first thing this morning and started reading I could not leave my computer. This is an awesome read and a great education piece for all health care providers to read. I think it is a must read."

Nathan Bryan, PhD, author of 'The Nitric Oxide (NO) Solution'

"Cathy Ochs has presented a unique and insightful perspective on our nation's health care system's shortcomings and oversights. In this book she has presented real life and personal situations in which mistakes and perfunctory decisions were made due to time constraints and medical desires to fit 'cases' (not people) into diagnosis 'boxes' to meet the new franchise-like standards. She offers a new perspective on a more patient friendly, form-fitting health care option for a better team style approach to wellness which can offer a richer health provider/ patient relationship to a healthier life style."

Debra Hartig, RN, FNP