Nitric oxide: the miracle molecule.

Nitric Oxide is a game changing medical discovery that all humanity can benefit from.


Nitric Oxide: The Miracle Molecule

Attention California Physician Assistants: It's incompetent to overlook the value of nitric oxide for patient care

Do you know the simple molecule nitric oxide (NO) helps:

  • avoid heart attacks and strokes?
  • avoid taking blood pressure medicine for life?
  • brain function, blood flow, and the immune system?
  • slow down aging as the master regulator for telomerase activity?

If you are a typical healthcare provider, this is news to you (as it was to me). Most of us didn’t even blink an eye in 1998 when the three American scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nitric oxide.

How many of your patients are taking a drug that increases their NO levels? Not one? Why not? The discovery of NO is the key to curing cardiovascular disease once and for all! Numerous researchers all over the world are aware of this important discovery.

Do a PubMed search on nitric oxide. You will find 141,792 studies published discovering how NO improves all aspects of health. This is why many refer to NO as the “miracle molecule”. There is even the “Nitric Oxide Society” formed by top researchers around the globe.

New research takes 20 years to travel from the lab to the exam room… unless there is a drug (and a buck) to be made. When drug companies get involved, the travel time can be cut in half. Pharmaceutical companies have failed to create a drug that increases NO levels without serious side effects. Here’s why — finding a drug to increase NO levels is impossible because NO is a GAS, it can’t fit into a pill!

Two Natural Treatments for Cardiovascular Problems

NO is made in the lining of all blood vessels. High levels of NO keep blood vessels flexible and free of clots and inflammation. People who have higher levels of NO will have low blood pressure and low risk for cardiovascular problems.

Low levels of NO create stiff, inflamed vessels prone to develop clots. This creates high blood pressure and risk for heart attack and strokes. These people end up taking blood pressure drugs for life. Despite our best efforts, many go on to have heart attacks and strokes.

There is a BETTER WAY. We don’t need an FDA approved drug to increase NO levels. Taking the amino acid l-arginine is one way to naturally increase NO levels. In the below YouTube video, one of the three Nobel recipient, Louis Ignarro, Ph.D., explains his nitric oxide research and taking l-arginine to increases levels…

Dr. Ignarro explains his nitric oxide research in this YouTube video: Benefits of Increasing Nitric Oxide in the Body

Nathan Bryan, PhD, from the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, discovered the nitrate pathway. He found certain foods are broken down in the body to NO (kale and other leafy green vegetables). Dr. Bryan created the first NO boosting supplement that uses this new pathway. Click on the YouTube interview with Dr. Bryan to learn more.

Dr. Bryan's interview on YouTube: Understanding Nitric Oxide

Dr. Bryan created the first testing method to measure NO levels. This is a simple saliva test strip that accurately measures NO levels. It can be done in the office or by patients at their home. Now it is possible to find out which patients are low in NO and at cardiovascular risk and monitor their progress.

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Therapeutics (read the abstract here) shows that taking a natural NO supplement reduces blood pressure by an average of 12 mm of mercury. Here is the conclusion of the study:

“This is the first study demonstrating a significant reduction in systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels after a 30-day period of NO supplementation in adults with clinical prehypertension. In addition, functional capacity improved.”

Prevent Heart Disease and Strokes

Now, 20 years later, few of us know and use this information to help our patients or ourselves. I urge you to learn more about nitric oxide. Free yourself from the lifetime burden of daily blood pressure medication. Reduce the risks of having a debilitating heart attack and stroke. Imagine if every patient (and yourself) maintains healthy NO levels — cardiovascular disease can finally be taken off the books!


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