Cathy Ochs, PA-C, reveals the truth about America's broken healthcare system.


Broken U.S. Healthcare?

America's healthcare system is in complete chaos, integrative medicine is the logical solution

Read the facts, then you decide…

Broken is an understatement. U.S. healthcare has been pillaged, plundered and hijacked. The American public and family healthcare providers are the victims.

Robber barons include insurance companies, drug manufacturers, medical conglomerates, special interest groups and political lobbyists. If there is a buck or a vote to be made, the medical profession is the new medical cash cow.

The results of this business-first takeover of quality, competent healthcare is obvious and documented based on American health. Don't take my word for it, here are the facts, you decide…

The Facts

Center for Disease Control (CDC) statistics reveal the quality of healthcare provided to the American people.

  • Half of adult America live with a chronic health condition
  • Over two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese
  • Risk of developing cancer in men is one out of two, and for women one out of three
  • Cancer is the number one killer of children under the age of 15
  • One out of three older Americans will die with Alzheimer’s disease (the sixth leading cause of death)
  • Recently released CDC statistics report one out of 45 children have autism spectrum disorder

Any reasonably intelligent person with any amount of compassion or empathy could not deny the above facts scream for HEALTHCARE REVOLUTION. An uprising of patients, doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants.

U.S. Ranked Last In Healthcare

The United States healthcare system was once the envy of every nation on Earth. Not today.

  • The World Health Organization ranked the healthcare systems of 191 countries. U.S. is #37, behind Costa Rica.
  • Commonwealth Fund released rankings of 11 developed nations quality of healthcare. The U.S. is dead last. The United Kingdom came in first and spends $3,405 per person. The U.S. last in quality care, first in spending at $8,508 per person.

Our healthcare rankings are poor because quality of care is poor.

Patients Suffer

Patients are suffering physically and financially. They lose more confidence in their provider after each hurried appointment. Leaving with a prescription, bill and growing suspicion about drug side effects.

Partner MD conducted a survey of 1,000 patients in 2014. Sixty-nine percent (69%) expressed concern over their primary care model, 93% spent less than 30 minutes with their doctor. A third spent less than ten minutes.

Patients want to heal the cause of their problem. Not treat the symptoms for a lifetime. No doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner can find the root cause of any physical or psychological malady in a brief ten minute appointment. "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Here's your bill and prescription. See ya' soon."

Bottom line, a pill for every ill is unacceptable for patients and wreaks incompetence of those healthcare practitioners who know it's WRONG AND HARMFUL.

Physician Assistants & Doctors Suffer

Physician burnout rate is at an all time high. Annals Internal Medicine published a 2012 survey revealing U.S. physicians suffer a higher rate of burnout than all U.S. workers. Emergency physicians top the list at 52%. Critical care physicians at 50%, family practice physicians at 43%.

MedScope conducted a study and the results were shocking. Forty-five percent (45%) of physicians reported the following burnout effects:

  • loss of enthusiasm
  • cynicism
  • low sense of accomplishment

Is it an wonder physicians are retiring at an alarming rate?

Why is this happening? Healthcare providers are working longer hours, seeing more patients for less reimbursement. Less time with each patient and burdened with an avalanche of unnecessary, time consuming paper and computer work.

Reprimands for spending too much time with patients. Daily patient load quotas. Excessive documentation. Endless drug codes are only a few of the crimes our current healthcare system commits against patients and their providers.

A Pill & A Bill!

I'm old enough to remember when doctors took the time necessary to find the root cause of a problem and offer a sustainable treatment. Today, our 15 minute office visits allow for an educated guess, a pill and a bill solution.

Yet I'm young enough to believe we can return to the quality of healthcare of the past. When patients had confidence in their doctors and physician assistants. When time was spent with each patient. A time when we solved the problem instead of temporarily alleviating it. A time of cure and caring.

Ultimate Integrative Medicine Solution

What's the average time you spend with a patient? Ten, 15, 20 minutes? Is that adequate to make an accurate diagnosis? Uncover the root cause, confer and advise your patient? How many prescriptions do you write in a day? Do prescriptions replace quality treatment? Would you take the same drugs you prescribe?

Integrative medicine solves these inequities. Integrative medicine is the ultimate healthcare solution because it emphasizes the patient/doctor relationship. Integrative medicine returns healthcare to the doctor and the patient.

Think About It

Do you want to choose your doctor from a list provided by the insurance company? How would you feel if you were suffering and your physician assistant spent only 10-15 minutes with you, handed you a prescription and a bill for $100?


The definition of evil is the absence of empathy. Evil's greatest ally is apathy. Our current healthcare system is devoid of empathy. And every healthcare provider who silently stands by, does nothing and participates in the carnage, is apathetic at best, incompetent at worst.

Get Involved

Stop the devastation. Get involved. Let your voice be heard. Stand up, rebel and make a commitment to cure the ailing U.S. healthcare system. Time is running out.

Our Mission

The California Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association's mission is simple…

Return the U.S. healthcare system to the patient and chosen medical provider by promoting the proven benefits of the integrative medicine model in every community, in every state in America.

California P.A. Vanguard

As California physician assistants, we can lead the way in an integrative medicine revolution. The California "Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act" allows California PAs to own and operate a medical practice. This is your opportunity to separate yourself from our current broken system and begin practicing real medicine again. I urge you to study this web site. Read the facts. Evaluate your personal experience. Then ask yourself if you can make a difference.

Call Me

If you have any questions or comments, I invite you to call me. Together we can begin our monumental and noble task of once again putting quality healthcare first and foremost.


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