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Your membership dues help support the activities of IMPAA to provide ongoing IM trainings (CME and non-CME), newsletter updates, and monthly conference calls. Your membership provides the foundation and support to help PAs be a leader in helping transform and heal our broken medical system.

If you have attended any of my trainings, or read my book, The Integrative Medicine Solution, you have heard me affirm how PAs are key players in helping heal our broken healthcare system. Our education and practice emphasize patient education, prevention and treating the whole person. Integrative Medicine requires we spend time with patients, which is what we are already oriented to providing.

We are also a trusted healthcare provider. The AAPA website reviews a 2014 Harris Poll which found 93% in the survey of 680 adults regard PAs as trusted healthcare providers and 91% believe that PAs improve the quality of their healthcare. Integrative Medicine IS a better way. We owe it to our patients to learn this and start providing this type of care. They trust us and we are the ones that are spending the time with them!

There are over 123,000 PAs in the United States now. There are plenty of PAs that will continue to do what I call “sick care,” and we need them to help us from dying and staying out of pain. However, we desperately need “well care” PAs who are willing to learn and implement Integrative Medicine principles. When patients restore their health, they need less “sick care,” less medicine, costs go down and quality of life goes up. Everyone wins!

Are you ready to join me and the growing grassroots movement of other PAs who want to be part of this change?

Thank you for supporting IMPAA and having the courage to be part of the solution. I welcome your suggestions and comments!

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I believe if more PAs have the courage to be part of this change