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Cathy Ochs and Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association (IMPAA)


Cathy Ochs, California Physician Assistant. Author, The Integrative Medicine Solution. President of Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association (IMPAA). Owner of Redding Integrative Medicine in Redding, California. Thirty-five (35) years experience in the medical profession.


To publicize the risk and dangers of the current Standard Care Protocol algorithms and expose policy driven patient abuse, like patient load quotas. Ochs hopes to enlist other California PAs in joining her campaign to inform the public and improve patient care with integrative medicine.


Integrative medicine relies on the natural healing abilities of the body. Accurately diagnosing the problem and treating the cause, not just the symptom. Patient education receives a top priority and noninvasive therapies are recommended in place of long term symptom management with prescription drugs. Drugs are only prescribed for the safety and comfort of the patient. Integrative medicine is not new. Data, statistics and case studies offer a preponderance of evidence proving its efficacy.


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