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Redding, California physician assistant blows whistle on widespread patient abuse

Cathy Ochs, PA-C, has been a PA for 35 years. Owns her own practice working with a supervising physician.

Ochs founded America's first integrative medicine association for physician assistants (IMPAA) to combat patient abuse and inform the public about the risk and dangers of our current healthcare, and offer alternative solutions.

Ochs calls American healthcare a "disease care system" because current medical care emphasizes treating symptoms with prescription medication, opposed to diagnosing and treating the root cause of the problem.

Ochs points out that The Commonwealth Fund released healthcare rankings of 11 developed nations, the U.S. ranked last in quality care and first in spending per person.

Ochs asks, "Two million adverse drug reactions occur every year resulting in 100,000 deaths. Who prescribes these drugs and why?"

She calls current medical office procedures an atrocity. Listing patient load quotas, patient appointment time limitations, excessive and unnecessary coding and documentation, as prime examples.

In her book, The Integrative Medicine Solution, Ochs exposes more healthcare patient abuse and failing of the accepted Standard Care Protocol algorithms used today.

Ochs is a proponent of integrative medicine. What she says is, "going back to the future."

"Practicing medicine as it was practiced before insurance companies, Big Pharma and government regulation highjacked American medicine and began dictating quality of care by policy, regulation and law."

Ochs' outlook on America's healthcare future is disturbing. "American healthcare is disintegrating before our eyes. Doctors are quitting in record numbers because practicing medicine under the current condition has become intolerable. If the American people really knew how they are being mislead, deceived and taken advantage of, there would be a revolt. The result is the quality of patient care and satisfaction is at an all time low."