IMPAA founder, Cathy Ochs, PA-C, reveals how to improve patient outcome and maximize physician assistant earnings.


ANNOUNCING: California Physician Assistant can now own and operate a medical practice

Moscone-Knox Professional Corporation Act

Physician Assistant courses now available for all levels of integrative medicine training and practice building

Now every California Physician Assistant can take advantage of an opportunity to own and operate a medical corporation (practice).

The benefits are obvious. Set your own hours. Spend as much time with patients as necessary. Reduce paper and computer work. Practice preventative and integrative medicine. Lower patient health care cost while maximizing your PA earnings.

The IMPAA California web site offers all the information necessary for PAs to make an intelligent and informed decision for career independence, advancement and improved healthcare for patients.

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ANNOUNCING: California Integrative Medicine Physician Assistant Association (IMPAA) Memberships now available. First two years free when you join now. Plus more freebees.

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Broken U.S. Healthcare

Startling facts from CDC (Center for Disease Control) exposes healthcare failures. U.S. rated dead last of 11 top developed nations…

Broken U.S. Healthcare›

7 Foundational Principles of Integrative Medicine Revealed

Learn the seven principles of integrative medicine and how they can change your practice and the lives of your patients.

7 Principles of Integrative Medicine›

Integrative Medicine vs Big Pharma

Adverse drug reactions (ADR) are the fourth leading cause of death ahead of pulmonary disease, diabetes, AIDS, pneumonia andaccidents… Who prescribes these drugs and why.

Integrative Medicine vs Big Pharma›

Eliminate the Cause and Eliminate the Symptom

Drug induced symptom removal proven to feed crippled disease-care system. Read more for a better way…

Eliminate Cause – Eliminate Symptom›

Discover the Detoxification Difference

IMPAA president delivers point blank straight talk about preventative medicine and detoxing the body in this must see informative video here…

The Detox Difference›

Miracle Molecule — Key to curing cardiovascular disease

Slows aging and and helps avoid stroke, heart attack and high blood pressure. More about nitric oxide here…

Miracle Molecule — nitric oxide›

All disease starts in the gut

Find out why gut bugs are the new highway to healthy living and how physician assistants, doctors and nurse practitioners can use gut bugs to improve patient care everyday.

Gut Microbiome — Crucial to Health›

DANGER: Health Alert

The Center for Disease Control reveals 100% of people studied have rocket fuel (perchlorate) in their bodies. Read more about roadblocks to optimum wellness here.

Roadblocks to Health›

Discover Your Fountain of Youth

Live longer. Expanding longevity is now a reality. Read the facts here. Then you decide.

Forever Young›

Stop the Madness!

Speak up. Break the silence. Choose the flexibility and freedom of an integrative medicine practice. Compare standardized care protocols to integrative medicine and you will agree, integrative medicine is superior for patient care.

8 Steps to Integrative Medicine Practice›

Wellness Programs Exposed

Study reveals wellness programs fall short of success because root cause is ignored.

Beyond Wellness›

Improved patient outcomes and increased career satisfaction 

Improve patient outcomes, maximize physician assistant earnings and enjoy career satisfaction delivering patient care you believe in. Find out if being your own boss is right for you…

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About IMPAA & Cathy Ochs, PA-C

Who we are, where we're from, what IMPAA can do for you…

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Medical Education Improves Patient Care

Take advantage of state of the art integrative medicine PA education and training. Own your own practice, be your own boss, increase income, improve patient care. Say good-bye to big pharma and insurance hassles.

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Free Webinar

Reveals why integrative medicine is our last hope for improved patient care. IMPAA free Introduction to Integrative Medicine Webinar here…

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Next Training to be Announced:

Fall / Winter, 2019

Integrative Medicine California PA Training

Earn 14.0 Category I CME credits when you attend IM Training exclusively for PAs

Earn 14.0 Category I CME credits when you attend IM Training exclusively for PAs.

Learn how to open and operate your own Integrative Medicine PA practice…

For more information call Cathy Ochs, PA-C, (530) 227-8307

"Thank you Cathy Ochs, PA-C, for an excellent program. This program was so well organized and full of amazing information I can put into practice immediately.”

—Jana Pratt, PA-C
Redding, California

IMPAA founding members from left to right: Ayana Gates, PA-C (Edinburg, TX); Jana Pratt, PA-C (Redding, CA); Chantele Sahli, PA-C (Redding, CA); Richard Pruett, DDS (Chico, CA); Cathy Ochs, PA-C (IMPAA Founder, Redding, CA); Donna Wilcox, PA-C (Etna, CA); Moonny Lee, PA-C (Davis, CA); Jo Tillman, MD (not shown, Whitmore, CA).

The Integrative Medicine Solution, by Cathy Ochs, PA-C, founder of IMPAA.
Defines what an integrative medicine PA practice does. A must read for every physician assistant and health care professional committed to exceptional patient care. More info here.


Why Every PA Should Practice Integrative Medicine. The facts about integrative medicine, owning your own practice and more. Provocative, informative and often controversial. More info here.

How California PAs Can Own a Medical Corporation. Blueprint to operate a physician assistant owned medical corporation. Complete instructions A to Z. More info here.